The Innovation Premium

How Next Generation Companies Are Achieving Peak Performance And Profitability

The Innovation Premium

In today’s constantly shifting marketplace, innovation has become the mantra of companies large and small. In The Innovation Premium, Ron Jonash and Tom Sommerlatte draw on years of research and experience on the front lines to demonstrate—for the first time—that those companies that consistently achieve innovation leadership enjoy measurable advantages, including a 15 percent increase in shareholder returns. But innovation must be nurtured and channeled in a disciplined fashion, with the full support of top leadership and a culture that rewards it at every level. Bridging the gap between the technological and organizational aspects of innovation, Jonash and Sommerlatte shhow managers at all levels how to move beyond continuous improvement to create the “Next Generation Enterprise,” an organization that thrives on innovation and knows how to harness it to create and capture value, spark and speed growth, and achieve the highest standards of performance.

Table of content

  • Meet the Next Generation: Alcoa, British Petroleum, Canon, Chrysler, Lucent Technologies, and Nokia
  • The Problem of Business and Management Today: What Used to Work So Well No Longer Does
  • Set the Pace: Build Platform, Not Just Products
  • Keep the pace: Move Seamlessly from Concept to Customer
  • Accelerate the Pace: Invest in Innovation
  • Vary the Pace: Create Worldwide Networks of Innovators
  • Sustain the Pace: Build a Culture of Continual Change and Learning
  • Win the Race: Capture the Innovation Premium


Ronald S. Jonash, Tom Sommerlatte